井边 / Beside the Well

词曲 :赵治达 、孙立衡 、杨蒨时 、曹之懿

英译词Translator:宋怡萌 Joy Sung

演唱 Vocal:曹之懿 Isabelle Tsao


走过绝望 祢在井边等着我

Through despair, You wait there for me by the well

迷失混乱中 祢认识祢懂

When I’m lost You know me and You’re there

满足了我 内心的渴望

You satisfy the longing in my heart

超越答案 祢是我的安全感

Beyond the answers You are my security


卑微与地位 在祢眼中都不算

You don’t measure worth the way the world may see

祢找到我 心中的宝藏

You have found the treasure in my heart

祢从未来 开始了盼望

Hope has been born from eternity

回到过去 将我羞辱全遮盖

You completely cover my shame from the past


我全心 敬拜 活泉涌出来

Living waters flow, a well of worship


Through You truth is revealed

我全心 敬拜 新生命展开

Let new life arise, my heart will worship


Spirit’s fire burn bright


祢开口 炼净我

When You speak, I am clean

降服 在祢爱中

Surrender in Your love

祢圣灵 充满我

Spirit come, fill me up


恩典和怜悯 是祢口中的话语

Grace and mercy are words You speak to me

祢看见我 祢认识祢懂

I am seen by You and known by You

祢从未来 开始了盼望

Hope has been born from eternity

无条件的 爱接纳我不更改

You love me without condition, never change

奉献 Asia for JESUS/ 约书亚乐团事工



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